The Tax Institute

The Tax Institute is Australia’s leading forum for the tax community. It was established in 1943, and for over 7 decades, its aim has been to improve the position of tax agents, tax law and administration.

Over the years, the website has gone through a number of transitions. However, the content, including member content, was difficult to find and confusing. I developed a member portal for the company whereby all member services and entitlements are at last consolidated in one area for ease of access. Research gained by workshops and interviews was invaluable in determining the taxonomy and what content should and should not be included. This is a member area so accessible to paid members.

ClientThe Tax InstituteServicesUI, UXYear2018


The cloud-based application is fully accessible on all devices. It offers a fresh and contemporary user interface with a consolidated view of all member services. The user experience was developed through a reliance on analytics, workshops, and member feedback.


Design Process

I mapped out over 60 screens, including workflows and user journeys as part of the project design phase.

Various Screens

Privacy Preference Center