CLOUDLIGN is a cloud based therapy service for people looking to improve themselves, their relationships and their overall sense of well being. It is also for helping professionals looking to expand their client list.

I was hired to create the company brand, and develop screens that could be used in a pitch deck for investors to showcase a future state of the application. After analysing their business model, looking at competitors in the market, and understanding their demographic, I designed logo concepts, and a designed a typical workflow for a persona using the application. The client was delighted with the end product.

ClientCloudlignServicesBranding, DesignYear2020

Logo Design

The branding specifications from the client for the logo was a clean font face, an icon mark that could be used for branding, and an emphasis on 'connection' and 'connectivity'. I designed a number of concepts, and the client chose the logo below. The subtle element I embedded in the logo hints at two entities connecting. Moreover, it can be used separately as a branding mark.


The dashboard is the users portal where they can view their current and past interactions with peer support, notifications, and their therapy sessions. The app is created to be full accessible on all devices.

Various Screens

Design Process

I designed a typical workflow that a particular user (persona) would have when engaging with the application. This flow was meant to form the screens for a pitch deck for clients investors.

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