RIPPL: A Case Study

Video Editing Application

Record and playback Surf Life Saving competitions to determine competitor positions and leaderboards.


Surf Life Saving competitions currently have no way to verify exactly who crossed the finish line when competitors were very close together.  Conflicts ensue between judges, fans, and competitors when it is too close to definitively discern.


A video application that simultaneously record and playback from 2 different streams was designed to resolve any conflicts or misunderstanding in competitor placement.

The client was an active judge in Surf Life Saving competitions and was directly aware of the conflicts, frustrations and misunderstandings that occur when competitors cross the finish line at or near the same time.  Determining exactly who crossed first was difficult at times and sometimes subjective.

His idea was to have 2 different cameras stream the competition from 2 different angles, and both would feed into this new video application that would record both streams, and have the ability to playback the content at any time.


Understanding the Requirements

The client attended a workshop that I held where we pinpointed the requirements of the project, any competitors in the field, and the various personas who would be using the video application.   The client was looking only for an interactive prototype that could be used to pitch to investors so as to receive funding so it could be developed assuming the interest was there.

The application had no name, so the client was open to having a name created on its behalf.  The name could, at this point, be a codename, until a full competitive analysis could be done.  I name the application ‘Rippl’ and designed a logo for the application in the chance that this name was deemed to be favourable.  The client loved this particular name!

Once all the requirements were gathered through this workshop as well as follow-up meetings, the design of the personas and a minimal viable product was begun.

Persona Design

Rippl was one of the rare design projects where only one persona was identified.  Most design applications have different user groups that use the application, but Rippl is solely designed for judges of competitions.  This is the only user group that would be using the application.  To that end, we worked with the client to understand the dimensions of this persona so that the application can be uniquely and custom designed for this particular user group.

Logo & Branding

As mentioned, the client did not initially have a name for the application.  I created the codename ‘Rippl’ which the client quite liked, but no competitor analysis was done on the name due to money and time constraints.  It was determined that if the client liked this name, he would do the necessary due diligence to determine whether this codename could be switched into the brand name of the application.

I designed the logo based on the codename should it become the actual name of the application.  The logo was designed to to have a fluid and organic feel, like water, rather than a rigid and conforming style with straight, hard edges.

The colour palette was choses to be a turquoise green colour which comlements the beautiful colours of ocean water.

High-Fidelity Prototypes


Neumorphism Design



The application was designed as an MVP product and was crafted in such a way as to be fully scalable. As the business grows, the number of templates can increase easily and pricing models can be revised.

The application allows the identified personas to log in, browse and share the collages they have designed. The payment and check-out components are meant to be built into the application. The user never has to leave the application to complete their goal.

Thank you for being able to decipher what we are trying to do. We are really impressed with how it looks. Thank you for all your hard work.


Bronwyn Duncan